There are different sewer line repair and replacement options that are often followed by the professionals. While you can clean and maintain it safely by yourself but for the repair jobs it is better to leave for the experts. Any error can lead to more clogging and back-up of sewage. The common causes for sewer repairs or replacements are broken or cracked pipe, grease buildup, corrosion of old pipes, a ‘bellied’ pipe, leaking joints, excessive amount of roots in the line and much more. All these can damage a section or the entire sewer line and therefore needs immediate attention.

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The Traditional Method Followed:

There are usually two optional methods for residential sewer line repair. One is the traditional method. In this method a backhoe is used by the plumbers to dig up an area that is surrounding the sewer line. This allows an easy access to the plumber to look into the problem area. After the repair is completed again the backhoe is used refill the area back. This method is often used by plumbers who take into considerations some useful determining factors like the condition of the pipe and its configuration or even on the area where you stay.

Trenchless Repair Method:

It depends on the experience and expertise of the plumber or the plumbing companies in orange county to decide which method to choose. They can also opt for trenchless method if conditions are favorable. In this method a small access hole is made in the start and end of a damaged pipe. A new pipe is pulled through the old and damaged existing pipe. This bursts the old pipe into pieces and the new pipe is laid simultaneously.