Inspection of pipelines using video camera is one of the most popular methods which are used for detecting problems in drain and sewer pipes. JET-4-LES is one of those few companies that offer a series of services for cleaning and repairing of sewer and drains and the rich experience of the workers have come to help. We take pride in employing some of the most experienced workers that offer services only after identifying the nature of the problems. The area inside the sewer and drain pipe which is deep inside is not always visible from the surface and this is where the use of video camera is used extensively. As a matter of fact, we have made video camera inspection less expensive than the traditional snaking methods that are still used in many homes.

Knowing the problems

To offer the best solutions to the clients for cleaning and repair pipes, identification of the problems if the key and this is what our experts suggest to the clients. What’s more, we do not ask for money when clients approach us for consultation to resolve the problems in drain and sewer pipes. The camera equipment which the company uses can reach out to some of those areas that are blocked and difficult to reach otherwise. Taking a look at the condition of the inner walls of the pies is possible with the images that appear on the video camera as we insert it to the drains and pipes that are to be cleaned whether in residences or commercial premises.

Relying on our services

Over the years, people have preferred to rely on the services of JET-4-LES as the company has embarked on a path which allow the clients understand that responsive and instant services of this company has made it different than the rest of the crowd. We hope to offer more services to the clients and use high resolution video camera equipment for best results.