C. Hoffman - Laguna Beach


I called a local plumber in town because my drains in my home where all backed up. He came out and advised me that the sewer pipe from the house out to the street would need to be hydro jetted. He quoted me a price of $1,100.00 which I agreed to. After about 1 1\2 hrs of jetting my sewer line he was able to get the line to drain. He put his camera in the sewer and informed me that he was unable to remove all the roots because he said that they were too large to cut with his unit and that I should think about fixing the sewer. He then quoted me another price of $9,200.00, but also said that the original price of $1,100.00 would be credited to the new estimate. I informed him that money was tight right now just after paying taxes and all.

Two days later my drains were all backed up again so I called him back and left several messages. 4 hours later he returned my call. He told me if he was to come back that there would be another $1,100.00 charge to do the job that he had done just 2 days before. I had asked him about my warranty and he laughed at me and said Lady there is no warranty due to the size and amount of roots in your pipe. I was so so angry that I just hung up on him.

Later that evening I spoke to my neighbor who owns several rental properties in So. Orange county. He gave me a phone number to a jetting company that he has been using for several years and was very happy with. I gave them a call. 2 hours later they showed up. I explained my situation. The technician, Ben, explained to me that if he could not get all the roots out that he would not charge me period. He then quoted me a price that was less then half of the other company and said that their company gives a 1 year warranty on hydro jetting. I thought that the hydro jetting was going to be free because the other company said the only way to remove them was to dig up the pipe. After 15 minutes Ben called me outside to show me that he was able to remove all the roots which he showed me with his camera. I was so very happy that we did not have to spend another $8,800.00 or so. I guess now I will contact my credit card company about the first company and the $1,100.00 that I paid to that crook. Also it pays to talk to your neighbors. I wish I would have contacted Jet4les first. Thanks for a great job, Ben! Also I made sure to get some business cards.