M. Stevecon - Costa Mesa

I was having problems in my 2 bathrooms. The water was backing up in the tub and shower and not going down. The toilet was making a gurgling noise. I thought it was a problem with the 2 bathroom remodels I had just gotten finished 2 weeks earlier so I called the plumber who had done the remodels for me. He came back to my house to see what was going on. He noticed I had 2 clean outs in the bushes which he checked out and found that the main sewer line for my house was clogged and he didn’t think it was caused by the work he performed. At that point he advised me that their company does not do drain or sewer cleaning. He was nice enough to give me a telephone number to a company called Jet4les. So I gave them a call. I spoke to Justin. He said that he could be out in about 2 hours. He showed up earlier then that which was perfect because I had to go pick my children up from school soon. He did his job, opened my sewer line to get the water to flow. He then put a sewer camera in the line to see what the cause of the blockage was. It turned out that the line was packed with roots out by the sidewalk. He then rejetted the sewer to remove all of the roots. I asked him if he could use his camera to check the pipe under the house to see if there was any construction debris in the line as well. Everything looked good. Great price, great service, so if you need sewer / drain cleaning give them a call! Also they give a 1 year warranty on hydro jetting I will refer them to all my friends.