Stacey M. - San Clemente

We had justed purchased our home here in San Clemente 2 months ago. My husband travels for work and was out of town when we had a huge flooding problem and I didn’t know what to do. My neighbor next door is a general contractor. He came over to my house and looked to make sure that there was not a broken water pipe causing the flooding problem. Turns out that it was sewage water. He was nice enough to give me the telephone number of a company that he has used in the past. It was 10:30 pm on Saturday evening so I gave them a call thinking that I was going to have to wait til Sunday morning or even Monday morning before anybody returned my call. I was shocked 15 minutes after leaving a voice message. Tim from Jet4les called me back, quoted me a price and asked for my address said he could be out shortly so that my children and I would not have to go to a hotel or my parents house 20 miles away. I was shocked that he was going to come out tonight. He arrived 30 minutes later, took care of my flooding problem, checked out all the drains to make sure that they were working properly. He then gave me a bill for the same price that I was quoted. You know, because a lot of contractors are like used car salesmen they like to take advantage of women. Great, Great job Tim! Now go home and get some sleep.